(Dual Major, crappy cum. GPA)Bother applying to top schools?

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(Dual Major, crappy cum. GPA)Bother applying to top schools?

Postby MPKU » Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:42 pm

Stats after the fall semester (the time I will be applying for graduate school for Physics)

Best case scenario

I will have a 3.4 cumulative GPA, 3.85 Physics GPA, and a 3.0 Math GPA

Dual Mathematics and Physics major, took 5 years to complete.

1st - 3rd year grade were par or less than. (I didn't care about school, or anything for that matter... regret deeply)

4th year, 3.93 fall, 4.0 spring <---- bulk of Physics classes taken here.

5th year, hoping for repeat.


Have done research on oscillatory granular systems for a semester.

Will be taking two research classes (independent study) in fall, one with a solar cell, one dealing with spectroscopy.

Nothing published, may attend fall conferences.

Have not taken GREs or PGREs, obviously planning to kick a** on them.


Tutored math for one year

Supplementary instructor for college algebra for one year

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: (Dual Major, crappy cum. GPA)Bother applying to top schools?

Postby deathinacan » Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:32 am

I was in a similar situation, with the better physics gpa and mediocre total gpa. It is really hard to predict how your application will be received, so I would pick programs covering a wide range of quality. Make sure to include at least one that you know you can get into, so that your waiting period can be a little less stressful than mine was.

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