Please compare the physics subjects in universities.

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Please compare the physics subjects in universities.

Postby Monliu_uilnoM » Wed Oct 03, 2007 10:33 am

Please compare the physics subjects in universities.


These two universities are University of Califonia Berkeley and Princeton University.
1.Whose space science and theoretical phisics are more front more outstanding?
2.You may also add the characteristics in each of them.
As I know,the phisical experiment equipment in Princeton is the top of the world,while the theses about space science from University of California is the highest in both quantity and quality.
I plan to apply for postgraduate degree in a univesity of tha sort and am starving for help.
If you are graduate from one of them,you are wellcome to provide your ICQ or MSN number.
P.S. Please forgive my Chi-English. You can translate this text into a more local English Edition if necessary.

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