(500 club) admissions with 500-600 PGRE

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(500 club) admissions with 500-600 PGRE

Postby m56732 » Fri Dec 16, 2016 11:36 pm

Hi everyone,

I saw that two years ago, there was a 500 club. But it was in 2014 and the statistics may be a bit old, I would like to know that if someone got 500-600 in PGRE and still got offers or ads.

I know there are few in the yearly reports but not so many ppl report with 500 - 600 in PGRE. So if you guys don't mind, please don't be shy and do reply this topic and share with us about your score in PGRE (if under 600), and what schools you got or what school you are gonna apply. Or if you know what schools that we have better shot, please let us know.

I believe there are bunch of applicants soo struggle with the low PGRE and lost the faith. You are not alone. I got 540 this year, and I know this is tough for application, but not the end of the world, there must be some places for us. There are a lot of schools that don't need PGRE. So don't give up and keep trying. Thank you guys so much! I hope these posts will be helpful for many applicants. WE ARE NOT STUPID AT ALLLLL!!!

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