would industrial applied math job help in profile building ?

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would industrial applied math job help in profile building ?

Postby instrument.santosh » Mon Mar 02, 2015 7:01 pm

well I am in a bit of odd situation.I am an international student switching to physics from engineering. I had just got admitted into Case western and am waiting from few more. and i am in the verge of getting a job in a biological research company which would like pay me really good and involves making mathematical models (mostly non linear dynamics and chaos). The other programs i am waiting to hear from are not the top (maybe between 40-60) . My idea is, if i like work in this modeling job for a year and then reapply the next, taking my PGRE again (890 this time :| and am sure i would cross the 950 border in next attempt ) would the applied math work be considered and would it make any significant difference in my profile to get me into any top 30 programs ?

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