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Time spent on school work during your undergrad?

Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:33 pm
by Ryker
I'm a new member here, just registered after browsing the forums a bit. As for the topic, I've opened up a similar one on another physics messageboard, so I apologize to those that are on there and see this as redundant :)

Basically, I was wondering how much time you spend (or spent, if you're done already) daily doing school-related stuff (lectures included). I sometimes see people here saying they study for up to 12 hours daily, but that just seems really excessive to me. And where I come from and from my first degree experience I have never heard of anyone studying that much, except for perhaps just before exams (as our system allowed cramming, instead of studying on a regular basis). But if you have to put in that much time, then it makes you kind of wonder if you're really fit for this. I currently put in around 8 hours per day, I'd say, and even that seems a lot to me. That's namely 55 - 60 hours per week, which is more than you average working week. I don't expect to cruise through my undergrad studies, and am willing to work hard, but would still like to get a perspective on this, as I think it would offer a good start to clearly evaluate what is needed in order to "suceed" (whatever that means) and how much of my other interests I am truly willing to sacrifice.

Re: Time spent on school work during your undergrad?

Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:54 pm
by satyad18
M undergrad was in engineering. If you asking about school work, well, less than 4 hours. But I used to spend more time reading/studying math and physics, for almost 7-8 hours.