High GPA Low Verbal GRE. How important is verbal? And maybe school selection advice?

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High GPA Low Verbal GRE. How important is verbal? And maybe school selection advice?

Postby awoo » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:31 pm

I don't really know what school would wants me. I am an international student and I am just, poor on English. Though I can write a nice essay and lab report, GRE verbal is still too hard for me. I will surely apply for some school does not require GRE. But for those school who require GRE I feel bad.

I get verbal lower than 140, though the math part I get almost full score. GRE Sub is also not very satisfactory I get around 770, don't have enough time.

My undergraduate have physics reputation and seems to get a high gpa is hard...It lest my friends and my prof. think so.
My gpa is around 3.8+ and I get A on all advance course (quantum, mechanics, stat. mech, em), there is not A+ grade in my school. Things lower my gpa is some courses in the first or 2nd year in college.
Also double major on math, done abstract algebra and real analysis.
Self-study Sakurai's quantum and QFT by David Tong. Done a reading course on Lie algebra in Particle Physics by Howard Georgi.
Having a semester of experience on research on T2K.
Having math TA experience

Arm to study high energy theory

Any advice? And how important is this GRE verbal?

Thank you!

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