Applying to physics PhD program with a non-traditional background

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Applying to physics PhD program with a non-traditional background

Postby squark123 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:54 am

Dear all ,

I'm interested in applying for PhD programs in physics this summer. I'm mostly interested in high energy theory. There are two things that concerns me :

1- I didn't take any physics / math course during my undergraduate years "In fact I graduated from medical school" but I studied the undergraduate+ graduate level curriculum independently.To substantiate this claim , I took the PGRE and scored 920 and worked as a physics TA and RA.During my RA years , I independently studied some advanced topics such as Twistor theory , mathematical gauge theory , QFT and other things.

2- I'm also interested in systems biology , biophysics and other medicine related disciplines. Unfortunately , I didn't spend much time researching biophysics , and so I think my SOP may be weaker in this regard.

Given my background , Do I have a reasonable chance to get admitted to a physics PhD program studying Hep th?

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