2017 Applicant Profiles and Admission Results

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Re: 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admission Results

Postby 4by4_metric_tensor » Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:28 am

Education and Information:
Undergrad Institution: Public School in NY, with some reputations in Physics locally
Major(s): Physics
Minor(s): Math
GPA in Major: ~3.6
Overall GPA: ~3.5
Length of Degree: 4.5 years
Position in Class: between +1 sigma and +2 sigma
Type of Student: Domestic asian male

GRE Scores (Revised)
Q: >160, <165 (okay)
V: >140, <150 (trash)
W: 3.0 (meh)
P: >770, <810 (meh)

TOEFL: not applicable

Research Experience:
1.5 years of research in CME.
No publication at the time the applications were submitted. (meh)

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Some awards in Home institution, Dean's List

Other Activities or Jobs: Astro club Eboard member, a non-academic related job long time ago

Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: --------to be updated-------

Special Bonus Points: -------to be updated--------

Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: No.

Applied to Where:

All Physics PhD
(categorized by interests stated on SOP)
(Accepted; Rejected; Waitlist-ed; No response)

CME (and very little CMT):
UC Berkeley

CUNY Grad Center -> declined
Rice U
UC Irvine
Purdue -> declined
Penn State

UC Santa Barbara
Ohio State
UC Riverside -> declined

UC San Diego
Johns Hopkins
U Maryland, College Park
U Penn
U Michigan

UW Milwaukee

(0% acceptance rate in astrophys...lol :oops: )

UCLA ----> Will attend
Michigan State
-> declined
Stony Brook

Comments: Later.

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Re: 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admission Results

Postby genericusername » Fri May 05, 2017 1:06 pm

Undergrad Institution: Big state school, top 30 in physics
Major(s): Physics and Math
Minor(s): Optics
GPA in Major: 3.6 Physics, 3.7 Math
Overall GPA: 3.7
Length of Degree: 4 years
Position in Class: Middle of top?
Type of Student: Domestic, multiracial male (nothing that helps)

GRE Scores :
Q: 164 (87%)
V: 158 (80%)
W: 4.5 (82%)
P: 770 (65%)

Research Experience: 1 year in AMO at my institution no publications, 1 summer abroad doing particle physics, 1 conference talk

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's list every semester but not much else

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: 1 semester TA, sigma pi sigma

Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:
I'm principle trombonist in my university's wind ensemble and orchestra

Special Bonus Points:
2 advanced physics classes that are about 50/50 graduate/undergrad, 3 strong recommendations, 1 from a very famous physicist in the AMO world

Applying to Where:
All PhD:
Arizona - Optical Sciences - Optical Physics - accepted ~24K fellowship for first year
Boulder - Physics - AMO - rejected
Michigan - Physics - AMO - rejected
Rochester - Optics - deferred to masters program due to late letter of rec.
Stanford - Applied Physics - AMO - rejected
Texas-Austin - Physics - AMO - accepted ~32K fellowship for first year - will attend
Yale - Applied Physics - AMO - rejected

Not overly shocked about most of these, Stanford was always a bit of a reach. I am slightly surprised about Boulder since two of my recommenders have strong connections there but I'm happy overall with the outcomes. In retrospect I should have spent more than a week studying for the pgre and should have looked at the regular gre format before taking that.

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Re: 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admission Results

Postby Basilio » Tue May 09, 2017 6:04 am

Undergrad Institution: Big state school (in top 30 QS Phys)
Major(s): Physics / Nonlinear Optics and Laser Phys
GPA in Major: 4.0
Overall GPA: 4.0
Length of Degree: 4(BS)+2(MS)
Position in Class: Near top
Type of Student: International white male (Russian)

GRE Scores : revised
Q: 165 (89%, never done so bad at pre-tests :( )
V: 165 (95%, never done so well at pre-tests :D )
W: 3.5 (42%)
P: 990 (94%)

TOEFL Total: 108 (30R, 30L, 23S :cry: ,25W)

Research Experience: Research at school at average lab on protein biophysics and Raman spectroscopy. 2 papers (3d author, alphabetical order, main contribution, mediocre journals), 5 reports (2 poster, 3 talks).

SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship
State scholarship for good marks and research (for 3 years)
Winner of the Bachelor Thesis contest (2d place) and coursework contest
Government personal scholarship
other minor rewards on scientific shools

Pertinent Activities or Jobs:
TA - 1 year
tutor - 2 years
Part-time job in data analysis for medical genetics - 2 years

Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:
Participated in 7 scientific schools (2 internationla), good programming skills.

Special Bonus Points:
Department used to have good connections with Stanford AP proffesors 30 years ago :)
Reccomendations were really good, despite professors are not so well-known

Applying to Where:

Maryland - Physics - JQI, Qunatum Optics - Rejected (email, Feb 11) :shock:
Harvard - Physics - QO (Lukin) / Superresolution (Zhuang ) - Rejected (email to check website, Feb 17) :|
MIT - Department - Ultrafast Laser / QO and Communications - Rejected (email, Feb 22) :|
CalTech - Physics - Qunatum Optics (Kimble) - Rejected (email, Feb 24)
Rochester - Optics - NL/Quant opt (Boyd, Agrawal). Well known - Accepted (email, Jan 20(unofficial ) - Jan 26). Assistanship 30k + 3k fellowfship for 2y - Declined
Michigan - ​Ann Arbor - Physics - Nonlinear opt & spec - Interview (Jan 18), Accepted (email, Jan 22). Assistanship 30k - Declined
Toronto - Biophysics - Accepted (Feb 8 ). Assistanship 16k? - Declined
Colorado Boulder - Physics - NL opt & spec. Well known - Accepted (email, Feb 10). TA29k -
RA 34k + 6k signing
- Declined
Stanford - Applied Physics - Nonlinear optics / Biophysics - Official Transcripts (Jan 20 requested , Feb 9 received) - Accepted (email, Feb 10). RA 39k(no TA!) - EEEAH!! - missed the Open House, but visited later - WILL ATTEND
British Columbia - Physics - Molecular Rotors (Milner) - Accpeted (Feb 13). Assistanship 17k? -Declined
Berkeley - Biophysics -> offered transfer to Physics (Jan 04) - Biophyshics / Ultrafast - Accepted (Feb 25). TA 32k - EEEAH!! - missed the Open House, but visited later. Breathtaking attosecond labs in chemistry dep, but awfull neighborhood - Declined

Oxford - Atomic and laser physics - Qunatum optics - Rejected (email, March 03) (min toefl S25?)
EPFL - Optics and Photonics - Qunatum optics / Biophysics - Accpeted (April 12). 51k TA/RA - Have one year to find advisor
Tokyo U - Physics - Biphysics / NL Spec - Agreement w prof - Decided not to apply
Ecole Polytechnique - Physics - NL spect - Agreement w prof - Decided not to apply
Ecole normale supérieure - Physics - Adaptive optics + spec - Agreement w prof - Decided not to apply
KIT - Physics - Biophysics/Raman/Superresolution - Agreement w prof - Decided not to apply
Imperial College - Physics - Superresolution imageing / NL spect - Agreement w prof

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Re: 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admission Results

Postby Kozerone » Fri May 19, 2017 2:32 am

Undergrad Institution: A US Liberal Arts College (ranked in the Top 100 based on US News Report) with an Average Reputation in Physics
Major(s): Physics and Math
Minor(s): -
GPA in Major: 3.95 out of 4
Overall GPA: 3.9 out of 4
Length of Degree: 4 years
Position in Class: Top
Type of Student: International Male

GRE Scores : Just took both tests once
Q: 160
V: 160
W: 4
P: 840 (77 percentile)

TOEFL Total: 116/120

Research Experience: At my school, nuclear physics investigating the structure properties of an isotope, 1 year and a summer, no publication

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: In my school, summa cum laude, best physics student award and the most promising physics student award; outside, phi beta kappa

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Teaching assistant at my college, high school teacher at a less prestigious high school, online physics tutor

Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:

Special Bonus Points: I was very close to all the professors who are my recommenders?

Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:

Applying to Where:

Harvard - HEP - Rejected
MIT - HEP - Rejected
Cornell - HEP - Rejected
University of Michigan - HEP - Rejected
University of Maryland - HEP - Rejected
University of Pennsylvania - HEP - Rejected
University of Chicago - HEP - Rejected
University of Illinois - HEP - Rejected
Ohio State University - HEP - Rejected
Georgia Tech - HEP - Rejected
University of Pittsburgh - HEP - Rejected
University of Rochester - HEP - Accepted

It's like a freaking joke to me

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Re: 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admission Results

Postby bailey_95 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:37 pm

Undergrad Institution: Small, highly-ranked liberal arts college
Major(s): Astrophysics
GPA in Major: 3.3 (this is average here; we have a grade deflation policy)
Overall GPA: 3.3
Length of Degree: 4 years
Position in Class: probably lower to middle third
Type of Student: Domestic white female

GRE Scores
Q: 163 (92%)
V: 163 (85%)
W: 4.5 (82%)
P: 610 (31%)

Research Experience: Two REUs in astronomy and two semesters of research in a molecular spectroscopy lab at my home institution

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: None academically in college (well... none by the time I applied, I was nominated to Sigma Xi in May)

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Grader for physics department, volunteer at observatory at school (led hands-on meteorite lessons for kids). Treasurer of institution's chapter of Society of Physics Students and student representative to department meetings.

Special Bonus Points: Upward trend in GPA. Audited a grad-level cosmology class at MIT. Took plenty of non-required STEM classes but had poor grades in math and computer science. Presented poster at AAS two years in a row, presented at a local astro conference, two conference presentations at my school. Varsity track & xc team member, including two-time all-conference selection.

Applying to: Waitlist Rejected Accepted Other

Dartmouth – Computational stellar/cosmology: email 2/6, ACCEPTED $29,070 - had emailed a professor beforehand
University of Washington – Computational astro: email 1/31 - no interview, emailed or talked to no one before applying
University of California San Diego – Computational astro: email 2/24 - emailed or talked to no one before applying but thought this would be a safety whoops
Johns Hopkins University – Computational astro (espec cosmology): by email 3/9. talked to a few grad students at a conference but no professors. email said 350 applicants for 20 spots (5.7% acceptance rate)
Carnegie Mellon University – Computational astro: email 3/30 - emailed/talked to no one there before applying
University of Rochester – Computational astro (espec stellar/galactic): email 3/6 - emailed/talked to two professors and got my advisor to recommend me to a professor, so really surprised by this one! According to a professor I talked to there, the program is a bit "archaic" - so perhaps PGRE scores are weighted more strongly?
Rochester Institute of Technology – Computational astro (espec cosmology): Waitlist 3/3 by email -
talked to no one before applying, but program fit my research goals outlined in my statement very well. email said that waitlist spots would be given based on research interest rather than just number of students that accepted spots

University of Michigan – Computational astro: ASU email 3/7 - talked to no one before applying
University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Computational astro: waitlisted by email 3/7 - surprised by this one; talked to a professor before applying that was an alum from my college and also talked to several grad students several times who seemed to like me quite a bit
University of Minnesota - Computational/instrumental astro: email 4/11 - accepted/rejected by inquiry.
Emailed inquiring about my status, said I had another offer but UMN was high on my list. Got a reply saying I was in top 20% of applicant pool "but did not make offers or waitlist". First paragraph was standard rejection letter, but second paragraph said that if people don't accept their waitlist offer they may have a spot and asked if I wanted to do an interview. In the interview, they asked me questions about my research and I answered them very well (I've presented my work a lot, so I've got this down). He told me he thought I was a very strong student and he wanted to accept me but needed other students to not accept their offer; emailed 20 minutes later with an offer for $19k. In a really tough decision, decided $19k was too low to reasonably pay student loans and that the extra $10k and the nicer location at Dartmouth (as well as proximity to my S.O.) was worth a lower in academic quality.

Morals here: FOLLOW UP EARLY WITH SCHOOLS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN. Be fluent in your research and your research interests; be passionate. Talk to professors before you apply (but be sure you have something to talk about! Because I didn't...).

My statements were a bit risky - I applied to a lot of schools in kinda hippy neighborhoods, so I mentioned in the last paragraph that I was a long-distance runner and a vegetarian so I fit in well in the locations. I had several typos in my resume that I didn't catch until later - PROOF-READ YOUR RESUMES VERY, VERY CAREFULLY! I think this hurt me a lot. That being said, I also found a typo in my statement to Dartmouth and that worked out okay.

My GPA is really low because of my college's grade deflation policy and I think that hurt me significantly, especially when not backed up by strong GRE scores and when there were typos in my resume. My research experience and my activities are fairly strong; this was my saving grace. Best of luck in your applications!

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Re: 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admission Results

Postby Chronum » Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:25 pm

Undergrad Institution: University of Massachusetts Amherst. Rank ~70ish USNews. Okay rep in Physics. Nothing particular notable, as far as I'm aware. It does have the whole particle physics center going for it, though.
Major(s): Physics, Astronomy.
GPA in Major: ~3.73
Overall GPA: ~3.75
Length of Degree: 3 years. Rushed it with 20+ creds a semester. Saved a load of money.
Position in Class: I like to think somewhere around ~85th percentile.
Type of Student: International. Indian male.

GRE Scores : Revised, I think.
Q: 164 ~87th percentile.
V: 160 ~85th percentile.
W: 5 don't remember percentile.
P: I'm not sure what this is.

Research Experience: 3 years in an inorganic chemistry lab. ~10ish hours a week, all 6 semesters. Internship for the summer of 2016. 2.5 months. One publication in Optics Express, 2nd author out of 3. One conference publication. Same author lineup. Got a publication from the chem lab in the press. 2nd out of 3. Also a patent from the internship. 1st name right after lab PI. Thing is, none of these were ready by the time I applied and were only mentioned as 'Submitted'. That might make a difference.

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Chancellor's Scholarship, $12k/year. Nothing too prestigous. A fair number of people have it.

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Nothing relevant to application. TA job in last semester after all apps done.

Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: None. I'm an uninteresting person.

Special Bonus Points: None that I'm aware of, unless Indian brown kid counts.

Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: I mentioned a fair amount of experience with simulation tools and experiment automation.

Applying to Where:

All departments listed here as 'ECE' are just the school-relevant variants. So EECS, EE, ECE, et al.

MIT - ECE - Integrated silicon photonics. Rejected.
Princeton - -do- - -do- Rejected.
Georgia Tech - -do- - -do- Accepted.
UColorado, Boulder - -do- - -do- Accepted.
UC Berkeley - -do- - -do- Rejected.
Columbia - -do- - -do- Rejected.
UMich A. Arbor - -do- - -do- Rejected.
U Illinois Urbana Champaign - -do- - -do- Don't remember hearing back from them...
UMinn Twin Cities - -do- - -do-Rejected.
Boston University - -do- - -do- Accepted and going. $32k/year.
Ohio State U - -do- - -do- They asked me for 'proof of funding'. I thought they were my proof of funding...
U of Arizona - -do- - -do-Rejected.

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Re: 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admission Results

Postby sergioyapa » Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:43 pm

\vec{F}=\dot{\vec{p}}  \quad \hat{H}|\Psi\rangle=i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}|\Psi\rangle \quad E=m_{0} c^2 \quad \nabla \times \vec{E}=-\frac{\partial \vec{B}}{\partial t}   \quad  S=k_{B} \log{\Omega}  \quad \lambda=\frac{h}{p}  \quad  (i \eth-m)\psi = 0  \quad  G_{\mu\nu} = \frac{8\pi G}{c^4} T_{\mu\nu}
\sigma_{x} \sigma_{p} \ge \frac{\hbar}{2} \quad E=\hbar\omega \quad \frac{\partial^2 u}{\partial t^2} = c^2 \nabla^2 u \quad \delta S \ge 0 \quad  \frac{d}{dt}\left( \frac{\partial L}{\partial \dot{q}} \right) = \left( \frac{\partial L}{\partial q} \right) \quad \gamma \rightarrow e^\textrm{-} + \, e^\textrm{+} \quad A=\frac{dN}{dt}  \quad \vec{j}=\sigma \vec{E} \quad \begin{array} &\{q,H\} \\ \{p,H\} \end{array}

I can't believe it's time for me to post this already. Good luck everyone in your future endeavors! :)

:idea: Education and Information:
  • Undergrad Institution: Most prestigious University in my country - Unknown at international level
  • Major(s): Physics
  • Minor(s): Physics
  • GPA in Major: 76/100 (3.04/4.0)
  • Overall GPA: 70/100 (2.90/4.0) - University with really low GPAs
  • Length of Degree: 4 years
  • Position in Class: Top - Near Top
  • Type of Student: International, Male, Latino, Minority

:idea: GRE Scores : Revised
  • Q: 158 (70%) :P
  • V: 150 (47%) :P
  • W: 3.5 (42%) :P
  • P: 610 (31%) on September, 720 (%55) on October (great improvement for not studying a lot during that month lol :P)

:idea: TOEFL Total: 94 (R: 23, L: 26, S: 23, W: 22)

:idea: Research Experience:
  • 2 years as research assistant (RA) during my bachelor's degree.
  • 2 published articles in a national level peer-reviewed physics journal (top physics journal in my country).

:idea: Awards/Honors/Recognitions:
  • Gold medal (1st place), inter-regional physics olympiad. (High School)
  • World Robot Olympiad team captain, 2nd place at regionals, 3rd place at nationals. (High School)
  • Dean's List all semesters of junior and senior years. (Undergraduate)
  • Best physics graduation project of 2016, Summa Cum Laude. (Undergraduate)
  • Several times invited jury, by academic merits, for evaluating and hiring TAs or RAs. (Undergraduate)
  • Best academic performance in several of my undergraduate courses. (Undergraduate)

:idea: Pertinent Activities or Jobs:
  • 1 year as research assistant (RA) for the Laboratory of Mesoscopic Physics, interdisciplinary research project.
  • 1 year as research seminarist for the Nonlinear Dynamics Group, nonlinear cosmology research project (graduation project).
  • 1 year as teaching assistant (TA) of Physics II at undergraduate level, covering waves, thermodynamics, and hydrodynamics.
  • 1 year as research assistant (RA) for the Complex Systems Group, international medical physics research project.

:idea: Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:
  • Won some championships at the college, city-level, and national-level at 3 different sports.
  • I am also a professional chef. It's always good to have someone who cooks around lol.

:idea: Special Bonus Points:
  • Amazing letters of recommendation, one sent by the best physicist working in my country.
  • My graduation project was one of the first researches in cosmology in my country and the first to deal with the inflaton field.
  • Applied with minority status. Besides being latino, I come from an underdeveloped country underrepresented in physics.
  • Wrote a great Statement of Purpose, one different for each application, a lot of work.
  • Contacted with some Professors via email after submitting my applications.
  • I have many years of volunteering work in my background.

:idea: Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:
  • I am 23 years old, quite young for pursuing a Ph.D.
  • I come from an underrepresented country in physics, specially in cosmology.
  • I have a wide range of knowledge in software and programming that is useful for physics.

:idea: Applied to Where:

I applied to 25 universities, all of them were Ph.D. programs. :P

Updated as of June 23, 2017


:mrgreen: University of Arizona - Physics - Cosmology (Feb. 09: Unofficial acceptance, email sent by Professor Rozo; Feb. 14: ACCEPTED for Ph.D via email + $18k/9 month TA + $3.5k-7.5k/summer + $2k/month Premium Health Insurance) This was my 1st response and 1st acceptance!!! Can you believe that?...no suffering for me. This one was on my top 3, dream came true! I cried from happiness!. I love it because UA has excellent Physics Ph.D. program (specially in astrophysics and cosmology), renowned faculty, good reputation, great campus, nice weather, Tucson is cheap, is ranked #1 in sexiest girls, and even the colors of UA are great!. Professor Rozo, who is an awesome cosmologist, was extremely nice with me after acceptance and hope him to be my advisor. Thanks UA!!! BEAR DOWN!!! :mrgreen:


:arrow: UCONN - Physics – Cosmology (Feb. 14: ACCEPTED for Ph.D via website, Feb. 15: Official offer for Ph.D via email + $11.5k Half Predoctoral Fellowship + $11.5k/9 month TA) :D This was my 2nd response and 2nd acceptance!!! I was very lucky. Very nice research in physics (specially in time), beautiful campus, but doesn't have as good reputation as UA, so I declined the offer. Thanks UCONN!!!
:arrow: Oklahoma - Physics - Cosmology (Mar. 09: ACCEPTED for Ph.D via email + declined before an official offer was made) :D I was contacted to know if I was still interested before the official offer was made. I decided to go to UA, so I declined the offer. Thanks OU!!!


:| Ohio State - Physics – Cosmology (Mar. 15: Waitlisted via email) :) It is great to be waitlisted by such a great program, this was on my top 3. Told them to keep me out of waitlist because I had already accepted UA offer, but still got a rejection letter on Apr. 11.
:| U Wyoming - Physics - Research Interest (Apr. 01: Waitlisted via email) :lol: I was announced that I had been waitlisted along with the rejection email on Apr. 01. This was an ultra top safety University...well at least now I know I won't be eaten by a bear.


:!: UNC-Chapel Hill - Physics - Cosmology (Feb. 17: Rejected via website) :? First rejection...didn't hurt, but I can't understand why got rejected.
:!: Brown - Physics - Cosmology (Feb. 22: Rejected via email; Feb. 22: Rejected via website) :? Offer to apply MS, no Ivy League for me.
:!: Northeastern - Physics – Complex Networks (Feb. 23: Rejected via website) :shock: This was my top safety university.
:!: Vanderbilt - Astrophysics - Cosmology (Mar. 03: Rejected via website) :roll: Well...thought I would make it.
:!: Penn State - Physics - Cosmology (Mar. 09: Rejected via email) :wink: Great university and my top application, I expected this.
:!: NYU - Physics - Cosmology (Mar. 15: Rejected via email) :? Great cosmology group, I am happy of not having to live at NY though.
:!: Notre Dame - Physics - Astrophysics (Mar. 17: Rejected via website) :roll: Well...beautiful campus though.
:!: NCSU - Physics - Astrophysics (Mar. 28: Rejected via website) :shock: Safety university, cosmology is way better than astrophysics.
:!: Utah State - Physics - Field Theory (Mar. 28: Rejected via email) :shock: Another safety university but very small, that makes it harder.
:!: Minnesota - Astrophysics - Cosmology (Mar. 29: Rejected via website) :? This was a very nice program, but still wasn't in my top.
:!: UMass - Amherst - Physics - Fundamental Interactions (Apr. 07: Rejected via website) :? I thought I would be at least waitlisted.
:!: Purdue - Physics - Cosmology (Apr. 10: Rejected via website) :wink: This was expected, but I don't care.
:!: Pittsburgh - Physics - Cosmology (Apr. 18: Rejected via website) :lol: Terrible website, I find out I was rejected on June 23th!.
:!: Arizona State - Physics - Cosmology (Apr. 21: Rejected via email) :P My new rival!. UofA is way better than ASU.
:!: UC Riverside - Physics - Astrophysics (May. 16: Rejected via email) :shock: This was unexpected, but I don't care now.
:!: Rensselaer PI - Physics - Astrophysics (Jun. 01: Rejected via website) :roll: Hideous application, finally it's over.


:?: UW-Milwaukee - Physics - Cosmology (Apr. 17: No response, neither by email nor website) :? Applied on Jan. 30. Answer, I paid!.


:x Michigan State - Physics - Research Interest (Dec. 27: Tried to apply) :evil: Lost my TOEFL and GREs scores. They didn't care.
:x SUNY-Buffalo - Physics - Cosmology (Dec. 27: Tried to apply) :evil: Lost my General GRE scores and told me to send them again.
:x FSU - Physics - Research Interest (Jan. 15: Tried to apply) :evil: Didn't accepted my official transcripts (sent from another continent).

I am extremely happy about how things went, I was able to enter to one of my top 3 dream universities. I was very lucky that I was accepted in my first two responses, I didn't had to deal with the stress and anxiety of the first rejection. I am also glad that I didn't had to choose between two of my top 3 universities, I consider myself extremely blessed for this. If I had to do the process over again I would do it with a little more of time, specially being an international student. The truth is that, for international applicants, this is a very hard, exhausting, and quite expensive process, so be aware of that if you are considering to apply to the USA. I would like to thank my sisters, who obtained their Ph.D.s in important universities in the USA (UIUC & UW-Madison), and who helped me a lot for my application process. I hope my experience will help you through this process, wish you success, and my advice for new applicants is:

"Apply with all your effort or do not apply, but do not just try."

\vec{F}=\dot{\vec{p}}  \quad \hat{H}|\Psi\rangle=i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}|\Psi\rangle \quad E=m_{0} c^2 \quad \nabla \times \vec{E}=-\frac{\partial \vec{B}}{\partial t}   \quad  S=k_{B} \log{\Omega}  \quad \lambda=\frac{h}{p}  \quad  (i \eth-m)\psi = 0  \quad  G_{\mu\nu} = \frac{8\pi G}{c^4} T_{\mu\nu}
\sigma_{x} \sigma_{p} \ge \frac{\hbar}{2} \quad E=\hbar\omega \quad \frac{\partial^2 u}{\partial t^2} = c^2 \nabla^2 u \quad \delta S \ge 0 \quad  \frac{d}{dt}\left( \frac{\partial L}{\partial \dot{q}} \right) = \left( \frac{\partial L}{\partial q} \right) \quad \gamma \rightarrow e^\textrm{-} + \, e^\textrm{+} \quad A=\frac{dN}{dt}  \quad \vec{j}=\sigma \vec{E} \quad \begin{array} &\{q,H\} \\ \{p,H\} \end{array}

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