Electronics & Communication to Physics

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Electronics & Communication to Physics

Postby santhoshetty » Tue Jun 03, 2014 11:23 pm

I have just finished my 4 year B.E. (Electronics & Communication) undergraduate engineering course, from MSRIT, Bangalore, India. I have a deep passion for Physics and would like to switch to Physics field.
I realized that there is no facility for students to switch to a MSc course through any entrance for an engineering undergraduate in India, not even the JAM. If there is any entrance exam that would help a student like me to switch to this field please do let me know.
For a Physics programme abroad, which I could consider, I would need to have a very good PGRE and also a Research Internship. The problem is I have been writing to all different institutes in the hope of a research project in Physics and I haven't been getting any replies :( The PGRE, I can manage, have been studying for it. Please help me. :( :(

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