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Readme: NEW subforum for "changing fields" threads- 11/14/12

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:13 am
by quizivex
Welcome to the new "Transitioning to Physics" subforum on The subforum was made to help unify threads on a topic that comes up very frequently on the website; (1) pursuing graduate school in physics from a non-physics undergraduate background or (2) Transitioning "back" to physics after years working in the real world following a physics bachelors degree.

Thank you monkeyman for getting the subforum started with the first new thread.

I'd like to move some of the older existing "changing fields" threads to this subforum, in order to help it become useful more quickly. I found a few threads off of memory. I'd appreciate if anyone knows of other thread(s) that belong here, please PM me.