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I will be applying for Masters in Physics after doing Bachelor in Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Can anybody please tell me what are my chances in the universities listed below? Only Waterloo and LMU among them need PGRE scores. What score will be safe for application?
All advice or suggestions are welcome.

Undergrad Institution: 10th best Indian university in QS ranking. No known reputation.
Department: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
GPA: 9.2/10
Length of Degree: 4 years
Position in Class: No clue.
Type of Student: Male

GRE Scores : Will give PGRE in October

TOEFL: Not given

Research Experience:
3 summer research internships-
1. On Quantum Statistics in an institute of repute,
2. On Deep Learning in an institute of repute,
3. On Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Theory in Paris, France in one of the top labs of Europe. May result in a publication.
1 project on Quantum Dots at home university.
Lot of experience in robotics and coding.
No publications yet.

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Convener of the university Science and Robotics Society.

Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Top 0.1% in Biology in India among all Higher Secondary examination givers. Don't know if that counts.

Special Bonus Points: I don't know if these count -> One recommender very well respected, Internship in France...
Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Strong interest in Quantum Optics, Quantum Computation and Information Theory.

Applying to Where:

I will be applying to Canada and Europe. Only a few of these univs need PGRE.
Univ of Waterloo - IQC - Physics - Quantum Information
Univ of Toronto - Physics
Ottawa - Physics
McGill - Physics
TU Delft - Applied Physics
ENS Paris - Physics
Ecole Polytechniue - Physics
LMU - Physics
KU Leuven - Applied Physics
TU Munich - Physics
Gottingen - Physics

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