Applying to graduate school with a BSc from a German uni?

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Applying to graduate school with a BSc from a German uni?

Postby Etranger » Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:58 am


I've only seen 2-3 posts from students who've studied in Germany on and on here and most of them were not very encouraging. I realise it's hard to get in for most people but still, I thought it was possible.

My situation is that the best place I can go to for a physics degree, in terms of curriculum, language of instruction and cost, happens to be Germany. I should be able to have enough money for the BSc degree but anything that comes after that, I won't get much, if any support from my parents. They're quite old and I don't want to burden them with my loans. I'd feel less guilty about it if I were going into medicine or something but anyway...

How hard is it to get into a good graduate program in the USA for a student having a German BSc in Physics? The applicants I saw had good scores on the PGRE, research experience and performed well at their undergrad institution but nevertheless, they were rejected from most places they applied to. Is it a case of them not properly choosing their schools? That is to say, they applied to schools who did not match their research interests? Okay, you'd probably need to see the actual profiles for that but what I want to know is, what really could I be doing to be able to get into a good grad program? Obviously, doing great on the PGRE, great grades and research experience don't seem to make things much easier...

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