NUclear and Particle Lab Research Experience

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NUclear and Particle Lab Research Experience

Postby yatesmv » Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:00 pm

I don't know how to describe my research experience in my resume.

I began with the research during my sophomore year of university and continued it all the way until a couple months after I graduated in May 2015. I have done the following:
- catalogued and checked the quality of old particle detectors used in the CLAS collaboration at JLAB
- I collaborated with UVA to create a prototype high voltage power supply for the Muon g-2 experiement at Fermi Lab
- updated the data acquisition systems in the lab (network admin-type work)
- spent a month in Italy with collaborators in Genoa testing and assembling a particle detector that will be used for the Meson Ex experiment at JLAB (essentially an internship)

Because this research was in the N&P fields, I have not published anything. There are usually hundreds of physicists and their minions working on each experiment so a very few ever get published in each experiment. There's no reason to have 300-3000 names for each paper.

My question is how should I write this into my resume? Should I specify that the research completed during the academic years was part time, but the two summers I worked full time at my university (and got paid) as an undergraduate student researcher? Any input you have would be appreciated.

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