Invention in technological field:does it count In Physics?

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Invention in technological field:does it count In Physics?

Postby bosemicrowave » Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:21 pm

I have done some work in optical fiber(i.e it comes under fiber optics),cryptography,photonics etc.

But while applying for quantum information(which includes quantum computing) or quantum technology) and Quantum optics...will those previous works count?Specially when Quantum computing has vast implication with optical fiber and cryptography is a part of classical computer but Quantum cryptography comes under Quantum technology.

So my questions is there anyone here who has done work on technological field,have done some invention(or even any new creative work on any particular field) but applying for PHD in Physics.I know Hep,Astro/Cosmology don't require any such work but those who are interested in quantum computing,experimental AMO etc can enlighten me on this topic.


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