Choosing a school

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Choosing a school

Postby Julio V » Mon May 05, 2014 8:01 am


Recently I got my PGRE results, I obtained a 800. My GPA is 3.94/4 and I am applying to
-Santa Barbara
-UT Austin
-U Michigan Ann Arbor
-College of William and Mary

My main interest in in theoretical physics: High energy physics, string theory, gravitation, cosmology and also Non-linear system and chaos. I am from Mexico and I am a little confused due the huge quantity of schools. I want to choose some other schools to apply, but I really do not know where, and also if my current applications are well for my PGRE score, that I have listened is low for a international applicant in theoretical physics (I am from Mexico). I think I have good recommendation letters and about research experience I have a published paper (JHEP) in neutrino phenomenology and other projects in process.

Can someone give some examples of schools where my application would be considered as competitive?


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