Masters Program bail out backup??

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Masters Program bail out backup??

Postby drunkphysics » Tue Mar 18, 2014 2:27 pm

Alright, so as of this season, I have been rejected by 3/10 of my apps for CME ph.d programs, and I have heard nothing from the rest. So naturally, I'm stoked.

Would it be a good idea to email all departments and mention that I am also interested in masters programs as well as ph.d's? I'm not sure how common it is for someone to be considered for masters after rejection from ph.d., or if it's something the applicant has to specifically mention in order to be considered. I already have this consideration from Drexel, but I'm wondering if it would be worth it to at least throw it out there to other places. Does that sort of thing ever actually happen?

Any advice or knowledge would be appreciated.

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