BU vs TAMU for hep

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BU vs TAMU for hep

Postby abnormalandroid » Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:16 pm

So I've been accepted to Boston University and Texas A&M for their physics PhD programs. I'm very on the fence about which one I would choose right now. Obviously I'm going to visit both of them but I thought I'd ask for some of your guys' opinions as well.

Some info: At the moment my goal would be to try to get into academia or a national lab after I get my PhD. I'd probably be doing experiment at BU and theory at TAMU. I don't really have a preference between the two sides. My past research was in HEP-phenomenology so I've become very interested in both the theory and experiment of HEP. I am fully funded through a TAship at BU and have a fellowship with TAMU which means I wouldn't have to TA my first year. Both have Profs doing research I'm interested in.

I've also been accepted to ASU but I feel like it falls short of both BU and TAMU but if you guys had other opinions I'd be open to hearing them.

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