Incredibly weird profile. Where should I apply?

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Incredibly weird profile. Where should I apply?

Postby abhispace » Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:58 pm

Hi, below is my absolutely weird profile -

undergrad GPA: 2.7/4 (US - large state school; ranked in top 100)
masters GPA : 7.76/10 (India - small private university; unranked)
PGRE : 910
GRE general : Q 165, V 163, Analytical writing 4.5

Research experiences: 2 years - solar plasma physics (simulation using Fortran)
1.5 years - peculiar velocities on Mega parsec scales in astrophysics (using Python)
0.5 years - molecular dynamics (simulation using Fortran)

Due to my poor undergrad GPA, my profile seems extremely odd due to better performance in other areas. I have never seen anything like my profile. What type of grad schools should I consider? How should I go about choosing where to apply?

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