school selection

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school selection

Postby ayk » Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:26 pm

Hi guys
I am an international physics student and ı wil apply some gradute schools in this year and have following qualifacitons(?) :
GPA : 3.66(maybe ı can raise this a little bit this semester) I have no research experince but maybe there will be one in this semester and I don't think my reference letters would be so great. Will gradute next year(year of ug study : 6 :( ) not taken required examinations yet . Please assume following test scores :
GRE : Q : very good (like full credit) V : okay W : okay
GREP :very good (like 990)
IELTS : okay
I am interested in theoretical cosmology/particle/relativity/etc.(not solid state,not atomic,not optical,not biophysics...) and I think I am gonna apply followings :
3) Columbia
Do you think I have chance for these schools? Or do you have any suggestion like you have no chance for that one or apply also this one or anything else?
Thanks in advance...

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