Schools in Tabletop Fundamental Physics

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Schools in Tabletop Fundamental Physics

Postby thisisphysics » Fri May 10, 2019 9:04 pm

Hey! So I'll be applying to grad schools this fall. Trying to make a list of schools that do tabletop fundamental physics experiments, e.g. microsphere levitation, atomic clock dark matter detection, etc. So here's my profile:

GPA: 3.77, on track to latin honors if I push through senior year
Major GPA: 3.70
pGRE: 780 (probably retaking)
GRE: will take this summer
Gender: male
Hooks: attend Ivy, first-gen, low-income, racial minority, president of my school's SPS chapter

Research Experience: 4 years of research experience since 2016, have a publication from HS in a HS peer-reviewed journal, will hopefully be publishing another paper this year in an undergrad journal, and will be getting acknowledgements in a paper my PI is publishing.

Job experience: worked as a grader for math courses for a year, and worked some odd end jobs at my school throughout my time.

Letters: Strong, I'm considering 3 letters from my research PIs and one from a professor I'm close to through office hours.

So here's the schools I'm considering that have faculty doing this kind of research I want:

MIT: Winslow, Conrad
UChicago: Collar
Northwestern: Geraci, Gabrielse, Kovachy, everyone else at CFP
Stanford: Gratta, Kapuitulnk, Irwin
Columbia: Karagiorgi
Princeton: Romalis
Caltech: Hutzler

I'm also looking to apply to Harvard, Brown, and UPenn, but I haven't been able to find people that really hone in on this new subfield I want to do. Brown has Stephon Alexander who looks super cool for other reasons, but otherwise, I want to do experimental physics.

So if anybody knows faculty at Harvard, Brown, UPenn, or at any other schools doing this kind of research, that would be amazing! I'm also interested in people doing work between particle physics and quantum info, so if you know anyone/any schools, please help me out!

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Re: Schools in Tabletop Fundamental Physics

Postby kronotsky » Sat May 11, 2019 1:56 am

Have you considered CU Boulder? IIRC they have a whole corridor in JILA that does stuff like this.

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Re: Schools in Tabletop Fundamental Physics

Postby thisisphysics » Sat May 11, 2019 1:47 pm

Totally forgot about CU Boulder!! Thank you so much. Do you know any other schools?

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Re: Schools in Tabletop Fundamental Physics

Postby luci » Sun May 12, 2019 2:44 pm

David Moore at Yale sounds like a good match
"Neutrino physics, precision tabletop tests of gravity and dark matter"

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