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Free Physics Textbooks Online

Postby pmb » Sun May 15, 2016 5:34 am

I'm fairly new here. I joined a while ago but I haven't been posting since then. When I came back I read the following post: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=6261 It suggested to me that a good website to know in case you run into that problem, or if you just want a good text, then there are websites for this. I've been using the following two websites for many years.

1) For textbooks:
2) For journal articles:

If there exists a physics text or a journal article then you'll probably find them in those websites. Enjoy! :D

Question: When I became disabled I created a physics website to help students study physics. It's under construction right now but it has some old pages that I placed there since the subject came up so often that I thought that it would be best to have it so I don't have to repeat myself. My question is whether it would be okay to post the URL to the site? It's a non-profit organization, you can't buy anything there. In the future I'll be offering my tutoring services for a fee if one chooses to hire me. But that's not the purpose of the website. May I post the URL of the main webpage?

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