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Help, I can't motivate myself to study!

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 5:25 am
by jdhooghe
Since I didn't get into an internship this summer, I told myself I was going to study all throughout the summer. I did fairly well during the first month but got...well...interested in having fun. Like most on here, I study with all of my energy during the school year and at the end, get burnt out. I have since discovered that I cannot coax myself to study even though my chances hinge on doing well on the GRE. I got a study plan but I just...can' Argh! How do you all focus on whats important? In my SPS tutoring lab we have a picture of Einstein and late at night I would hear..."Don't be a loser...Don't be a loser...ect" But all I have at my house is the constant bickering of my sister and mother. That should be reason enough to lock myself in my room but all I do is play video games or go out. Any advice?

Thanks :)

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 12:05 am
by grae313
Oh my god, the exact same thing happened to me! I was going to study one hour every day this summer for the GRE. I only did it for the first two weeks! :cry:

Sorry, I have no advice for you. :lol: except look for schmidt.paul's post about his secret to doing well on the GRE. The guy did most of his studying in the few weeks prior to the test, and a monster jam session in the last three days just working the latest ets practice exam over and over, pulled out an >900. There is some hope for us. I'm gonna start studying tomorrow! :roll: