Book Review: A Review of Undergraduate Physics

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Book Review: A Review of Undergraduate Physics

Postby Grant » Thu Jul 08, 2004 10:58 pm

During the past year, the book A Review of Undergraduate Physics (isbn=0471816841) was the second most popular book bought by visitors to and I have not even linked to it until now (Reference the thread Popular Books for Visitors). Perhaps its popularity is because the title makes the book sound like it would be a great benefit to students preparing for the Physics GRE.

It would be great to get other peoples opinions on this book.

My OPINION about the book A Review of Undergraduate Physics (isbn=0471816841) is that it is a bit advanced to help the typical student prepare for the Physics GRE. The difficulty level is geared towards a test that is somewhere between the difficulty level of the GRE in physics and a graduate physics qualifier exam. If you have a solid foundation with the fundamentals and are working to improve your score from something like an 80% to a 95% score on the Physics GRE then this book would be a good review. However, if you are trying to improve from a 25% to a 50% score on the Physics GRE then your time would probably be better spent studying from your introductory physics book.

I think the book has lot of great problems with nice solutions but they are not multiple-choice and they are more involved than the typical problems you might expect to find on the Physics GRE. However, I do like this book and welcome it in my collection of physics books. It is a good review of upper division undergraduate physics and it would be a worthwhile supplement to your class texts and could help with homework problems. It may also be a good book to read and work through as you begin to prepare for your physics qualifier exam.

Basically I think A Review of Undergraduate Physics (isbn=0471816841) is a very good book but I do not think it is as well tailored to Physics GRE preparation as the title might suggest. I am interested in what other people think about this book.

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Re: Book Review: A Review of Undergraduate Physics

Postby doom » Wed Jul 09, 2008 10:41 pm

It was written by two professors from the University of Minnesota, and it is based on their qualifying exam. I might get the book to study for quals, so I would expect it would not be the right book for the GRE.

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