Quantum Mechanics for GRE Physics Sub. Test

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Quantum Mechanics for GRE Physics Sub. Test

Postby sonumnnit » Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:17 am

I am about to give GRE physics paper in Oct 2017. I am almost done with all the topics except Quantum Mechanics. Quantum Mechanics have 12% weightage. Means 10-12 questions. Assume I have zero knowledge about Quantum Mechanics.

From the sample test all I could find are question related to following topics
Potential well, Pauli spin matrices, Hermitian, Eigen Vectors, Hydrogen Atom

Many people referred Griffiths “Intro. To Quantum Mechanics”. Following are its contents.
1. The wave function
a. Schrodinger Equation
b. Statistical Interpretation
c. Probability
d. Normalization
e. Momentum
f. Uncertainty Principle
2. Time – Independent Schrodinger Equation
a. Stationary States
b. Infinite Square Well
c. Harmonic Oscillator
d. Free Particle
e. Delta – Function Potential
f. Finite Square Well
3. Formalism
4. Quantum Mechanics in 3 Dimension
5. Identical Waves
6. Perturbation theory
7. Variation Principle
8. Measurement and Adiabatic Approximation
9. Scattering
10. Interpretation
But I could see that may be Chap 1-2 are only in syllabus
Please advice which study material or book to follow and from I can get more past year GRE physics questions and Online video lectures (Tailor made for GRE Physics).I am open to paid guidance.

Warm Regards !!!

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