Telepathy - it works or maybe not?

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Telepathy - it works or maybe not?

Postby VictorHed » Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:34 pm

I am Neurology student , today I get email from one person that can use telepathy.
Is it possible that telepathy works on the distance of few kilometer?
I can not find any document on any existing person today that can use telepathy
but I found Vinko Rajic and Uri Geller and they are talking that they can use telepathy.
Why they do not make research on it? Many Schizophrenic are coming with similar story.
Can it be that some Schizophrenics are just receiving from some other head?
James Randi offer 1000000$ for evidence, but Vinko and Uri can use telepathy or maybe NOT?

There is not scientific evidence for telepathy. Whay this telepathy madnes?
At Edinburgh University, experts conducted controlled experiments to see if telepathy is possible.
Vinko maybe can give evidence for it but why they do not make an experiment with Vinko or Uri Geller?

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Re: Telepathy - it works or maybe not?

Postby VictorHed » Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:33 am

Please send this letter to your friends , maybe someone can help telepath Vinko Rajic.

This is letter from Vinko Rajic:

Please send an email to or to kth_vinko(at)
if you have any information on people
that collect money or transfer money to people that follow and torture Vinko Rajic.
Please send information on people that are helping *** perverts to find Vinko Rajic.
If police get information on those people they can arrest them and Vinko Rajic can live life again.

Please support this.

Vinko Rajic

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