Why the Quantum  Theory  cannot be explained in the common sense ?

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  Why the Quantum  Theory  cannot be explained in the common sense ?

Postby socratus » Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:02 am

  Why the Quantum  Theory  cannot be explained in the common sense ?
One of the reason -  we don't know the geometrical form of quantum particle.
q/particle as a point cannot be real particle.
q/particle as a string is subjective opinion.
Physicists chose string (with Planck's length but without thickness ) only because
it can vibrate and therefore make waves.
they don't show the physical conditions which can allow the string exist.
i think that q/particle must have geometrical form of membrane.  
a) point under strong microscope will be looked as a membrane/circle.
b) string to be string  is heeded force in two different direction -
without forces string would change its form into circle (without thickness)
c) and most important:
there is physical law that says that q/particle must be circle/membrane.
To understand this confirmation we need to see q/particle in its reference frame,
because conditions of surrounding space has strong influence on its creatures.
For example:
conditions of ocean allow to create different kinds of fish,
conditions of savanna allow to create giraffes (for example)
and specific conditions of Antarctica (not conditions of North Pole)  created penguins.
So, to understand q/particle we need to know its reference frame.
In 1928 Dirac showed that quantum particles can be in two stats;
negative -E=Mc^2 and positive +E=Mc^2.
Negative particles  -E=Mc^2  are antiparticles / virtual particles
and positive particles +E=Mc^2 are electrons (for example)
Virtual particles exist in 'Dirac sea' - vacuum -  and somehow they can appear as
real particles:   Casimir effect, Lamb shift.
Which geometrical form can have q/particle in vacuum: T=0K ?
J. Charles law ( 1787)  says : when the temperature falls 1 degree,
the volume decreases 1/273. And when the temperature reaches -273 degree
the volume disappears and particles become " flat figures ".
Charle's law" was confirmed by other physicists: Gay-Lussac, Planck, Nernst, Einstein .
These " flat figures " have the geometrical form of a circle, as from all flat figures
the circle has the most optimal form.
So, i think that the q/particle in the zero vacuum has geometrical form of membrane/
circle : C/D=pi= 3,14.
It was needed about 70  years to understand that real q/particle cannot be 'point'
but it needs geometrical form - string.
Maybe it needs another 70 years to adopt  q/particle with geometrical form
membrane / circle  : C/D=pi= 3,14.
Best wishes.
israel sadovnik socratus

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