Switching to Physics

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Switching to Physics

Postby dragon_warrior » Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:02 pm


I am doing my MS in one of the top 10 universities. During my first semester I got interested in quantum optics, and took relevant courses. I had no background in Physics in my undergrad. At the moment, I am doing MS theses in the Physics departmen. Unfortunatley, my overall GPA has dropped to 3.3. With one semester to go, I can try to bring up my gpa to 3.5 and major gpa to 3.6. Is it possible to get into PhD to MIT/Caltech/UC berkeley?
Obviously, this track change that I am doing is only of its type in the history of my university in last 200 years (maybe I am too stupid).

Any suggestion on how can I get into MIT/Caltech/UC berkeley for my PhD?

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