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Graduate Physics Programs Index (GPPI)

For most of us, the Physics GRE is just some hurdle to get over to get into a graduate physics program. Hence we provide you with the GPPI.

You are two clicks away from every physics department website in the United States that offers graduate programs in physics (the ones we found anyway). Simply click on the state and then click on the department you want to visit. Important, yet non-essential, information about the GPPI can be found towards the bottom of this page.

Alaska Graduate Physics Programs

Alabama Graduate Physics Programs
(uah, uab, auburn, ua)

Arkansas Graduate Physics Programs

Arizona Graduate Physics Programs
(nau, arizona, asu)

California Graduate Physics Programs
(calstatela, ucsd, csufresno, sjsu, caltech, sfsu, csun, berkeley, ucla, uci, nps, csulb, ucr, usc, fullerton, sdsu, stanford, ucsb, ucdavis, ucsc)

Colorado Graduate Physics Programs
(mines, uccs, colostate, colorado, du)

Connecticut Graduate Physics Programs
(uconn, wesleyan, yale, ccsu)

District of Columbia Graduate Physics Programs
(cua, howard, georgetown, gwu)

Delaware Graduate Physics Programs
(udel, desu)

Florida Graduate Physics Programs
(fsu, usf, ufl, miami, fau, famu, ucf, fiu, fit)

Georgia Graduate Physics Programs
(uga, emory, gsu, cau)

Hawaii Graduate Physics Programs

Iowa Graduate Physics Programs
(uiowa, iastate)

Idaho Graduate Physics Programs
(isu, uidaho)

Illinois Graduate Physics Programs
(iit, siu, siue, wiu, uic, uiuc, uchicago, nwu, niu, depaul)

Indiana Graduate Physics Programs
(bsu, purdue, indiana, nd, iupui)

Kansas Graduate Physics Programs
(emporia, pittstate, wichita, ku, ksu)

Kentucky Graduate Physics Programs
(uky, louisville)

Louisiana Graduate Physics Programs
(subr, latech, louisiana, tulane, lsu, uno)

Massachusetts Graduate Physics Programs
(mit, brandeis, physics.umass, wpi, clarku, harvard, astro.umass, bc, tufts, uml, umassd, neu, bu)

Maryland Graduate Physics Programs
(umd, jhu, umbc)

Maine Graduate Physics Programs

Michigan Graduate Physics Programs
(wayne, cmich, wmich, msu, umich, oakland, emich, mtu, gvsu)

Minnesota Graduate Physics Programs
(umn, bemidjistate, d.umn)

Missouri Graduate Physics Programs
(smsu, umkc, umsl, wustl, missouri, umr)

Mississippi Graduate Physics Programs
(olemiss, msstate, usm)

Montana Graduate Physics Programs

North Carolina Graduate Physics Programs
(uncc, duke, wfu, ecu, ncsu, unc, wcu, ncat)

North Dakota Graduate Physics Programs
(nodak, und)

Nebraska Graduate Physics Programs
(unl, creighton)

New Hampshire Graduate Physics Programs
(dartmouth, unh)

New Jersey Graduate Physics Programs
(princeton, rutgers, stevens-tech)

New Mexico Graduate Physics Programs
(nmsu, unm, nmt)

Nevada Graduate Physics Programs
(unlv, unr)

New York Graduate Physics Programs
(cornell, syr, sunysb, clarkson, binghamton, rpi, hunter.cuny, brooklyn.cuny, buffalo, gc.cuny, ccny.cuny, albany, nyu, columbia, rochester, qc)

Ohio Graduate Physics Programs
(kent, uakron, wright, muohio, udayton, utoledo, ohiou, ohio-state, cwru, bgsu, uc, csuohio)

Oklahoma Graduate Physics Programs
(ucok, ou, okstate)

Oregon Graduate Physics Programs
(orst, uoregon, pdx)

Pennsylvania Graduate Physics Programs
(upenn, esu, drexel, brynmawr, psu, cmu, temple, lehigh, pitt, iup)

Rhode Island Graduate Physics Programs
(brown, uri)

South Carolina Graduate Physics Programs
(clemson, sc)

South Dakota Graduate Physics Programs

Tennessee Graduate Physics Programs
(fisk, utk, utsi, memphis, vanderbilt)

Texas Graduate Physics Programs
(utb, utep, uta, rice, tcu, uh, utdallas, sfasu, swt, smu, unt, ttu, utexas, baylor, shsu, tamu, tamu-commerce)

Utah Graduate Physics Programs
(utah, usu, byu)

Virginia Graduate Physics Programs
(gmu, vcu, vt, wm, odu, virginia, hamptonu)

Vermont Graduate Physics Programs

Washington Graduate Physics Programs
(wsu, washington)

Wisconsin Graduate Physics Programs
(wisc, uwm, uwosh)

West Virginia Graduate Physics Programs
(marshall, wvu)

Wyoming Graduate Physics Programs

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Information About The Graduate Physics Program Index (GPPI)

GPPI Maintenance: The best place to address any questions, comments, or concerns is on a special forum thread set up just for the GPPI. I get emailed any time someone posts on that thread so it is an excellent place to report errors, ask questions, or suggest a school that should be added. I prefer utilization of the forum but you can contact me directly if you prefer.

Base .edu URL Lists: On this main GPPI page, you will notice that beneath each state link we list the base educational domains that will appear on each state page (with the .edu extensions removed). The purpose of this is to be a handy reference that can quickly give you an idea of the information available on the individual state page.

Orange site:url Text: On the individual state pages you will notice some orange site:url text beneath each physics department link. This is intended to be a handy tool to help you research more about a particular school on any search engine that supports the "site:" feature. For example, to find our more about research at UCSC, you could search Google for research. I found this often provides an excellent overview and an efficient way to dive into the applicable areas of a department's website. It should be noted that this search technique is not comprehensive as, for example, it only searches the URLs in the search engine's database. Also, it may not list other important areas of physics research at that institution which do not use that same base URL such as, for example, Regardless, this technique should quickly point you to the pages on the main physics department's website that references all of their physics research. When in doubt, resort to the base educational URL and add physics to the query (i.e. physics research). Aside from research, some other handy keywords to search for with a department's site are graduate, admissions, financial aid, course, prospective, apply OR application, requirements, gpa, gre, personal statement, qualifier OR qualifying, housing, etc.

External Links: Initially I envisioned having the GPPI link directly to the graduate physics programs at each university website. However, the graduate URLs are often quite awkward and I got the impression that they would be changing around periodically so I decided it best to focus on the main physics department URLs. With these URLs I made effort to find the base URL that was least likely to change so you might be redirected from "" to "" but the link I provide should get you to the department website. Note: With some schools, even this was difficult, because of their use of frames. When this happened, I decided to link to the nearest place I could (i.e. department of physical sciences or even the university home page)

Thanks and the Order of the Listings: In our opinion, there are two types of schools. There are schools that link to and schools that do not. We like the schools that link to us, and we show our appreciation by listing them above the other schools. We also put a "thanks" link to the particular page from that school. Those "thanks" links can also be a good resource for our visitors because those pages obviously know how to link to good resources related to the Physics GRE:) If you want your school listed among the top listings then simply link to any page on from any page on your school's website (i.e. SPS website, department resources page, student resources page, personal page, etc.) and it we will notice visitors through your link when we periodically examine our referral logs. However, if you want us to find your link and list your school within the top group right away then contact me and let me know it is time to examine the referral logs. The ordering of the schools within the two groups is done at random every time we edit the database.

Degree Classification: On the individual state pages I indicate whether the program offers a Masters degree (MS) and/or Doctorate (PhD). This is all pretty self explanatory except sometimes it was difficult to classify a school as just PhD. The wording that physics departments use can sometimes be tricky since most every school that advertises "PhD Only" also has some little disclaimer stating that they award masters degrees in certain situations (i.e. if you don't get the PhD). Anyway, if you feel a schools degree designation should be changed then please bring it up in the GPPI discussion thread.

Criteria for Inclusion: I tried to find all schools that offered graduate degrees in physics. If I left any out then please post the relevant information for the school you want to see added in the GPPI discussion thread. It was somewhat of a challenge to draw the cutoff line for inclusion into the GPPI. If a university offered graduate degrees in physics then it was included. I also included graduate physics degree programs in "Physics and (*)" (i.e. Physics and Applied Physics), "(*) and Physics", and "Astronomy". However, I left out other programs that are heavily related to physics. For example I had to draw the line and leave out "Mathematical Physics", "Applied Physics", "Engineering Physics", "Physical Sciences", and "Biophysics". I had to draw the line somewhere. Maybe in the future I will find the time to incorporate these types of programs on this site. After all, if they require the Physics GRE then perhaps I can find a spot for them on At this time I also limited the CPPI to schools in the United States. I doubt many international schools even require the Physics GRE. Perhaps this is another avenue of future investigation.

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